Tax Returns other than Income Tax Returns

Sales Tax Returns: Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Sales Tax Returns to the California State Board of Equalization for clients holding a resale permit.  In most cases the BOE requires retailers file reports electronically.   Payments may be made at the time the return is filed electronically with business banking information.   Or we will provide you with a payment voucher to mail your payment in.

Fuel Tax Monthly Reports and Quarterly Summary Prepaid Sales Tax to suppliers.

Quarterly Underground Storage Tank Fee Reports

Use Tax annual reports. The BOE has recently began requiring any business that operates in California to file a Use Tax report to give those businesses that made any purchases from a supplier outside of California and were not charged sales tax on those purchases an opportunity to report those purchases and pay the sales tax.   Even if you have nothing to report you are still required to file the annual report stating that you have not made any such purchases.

Federal and State Payroll Taxes (please see info on the Payroll Page)

Bakersfield City Business Tax reports.

Kern County Business Property Tax Statements (571-L).